Healthcare Improvement

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A Training Pack for HCAs working in General Practice
January 2006
Nine Sections dealing with: Learning outcomes Core modules Learning strategies Portfolio development Capability units Supporting evidence Personal statement/reflection on experience Content and structure of assessment ... Read more »
June 2013
Western health care systems are under increasing pressure to increase their per¬formance, become more responsive to their clientele, become safer, deal more pro-actively with chronic disease and avoid illness when possible through prevention. The prog¬noses are the same in every Western country: our... Read more »
Auditing Breast Cancer Care
April 1998
The Breast Cancer services in the United Kingdom, like other specialities, have been subjected to critical appraisal and scrutiny. A number of major policy guidelines, including those by the British Breast Gorup (1994) and the British Association of Surgical Oncology (1995) have established standard... Read more »
Building on the Best: an introduction to Appreciative Inquiry in Health Care
Edited by John Edmonstone
June 2006
Appreciative Inquiry (AI) has been described as “ as a form of action research that attempts to create new theories, ideas and images that aid in the developmental change of a system”. Cooperrider and Srivasta (1987) It is seen as an “ an exciting way to embrace organizational change”, and is bas... Read more »
By their own Hand - Suicidal deaths of the rich and famous
August 2000
The question as to "why" individuals commit suicide is age long and the first defining study on suicide, carried out by Emile Durkeim, is just over one hundred years old. Since that time a substantial number of studies have been conducted on issues pertaining to incidence, causes and factors which p... Read more »
CC Audit of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
June 2013
Clinical Leadership Development
Edited by John Edmonstone
December 2005
The book consists of 19 chapters on: What is clinical leadership: John Edmonstone Medical Leadership: Calum Paton et al Doctors in difficulty: Sheila Peskett & Jennifer King Clinical nursing leadership: Mike Cook Leadership development: Amanda Thomas GP development: Julia Pakora ... Read more »
From Hippos to Gazelles: How Leaders create leaders
September 2008
In From Hippos to Gazelles, Goodwin and Page give us new insights into the magic of organisational transformation. The book is based on an a story about a leader and facilitator working together to lead a successful merger and change in the complex reality of a multinational organisation. Through th... Read more »
Great Britons on Success
June 2009
Inspired by the Organisation that he recently joined as a non executive director, Alan Coppin has edited a timely and insightful anthology entitled Great Britons On Success. The book is dedicated to the excellence and commitment of the 40000 men and women who serve in the Royal Air Force and 30 % of... Read more »
How to Successfully Implement Clinical Pathways
July 2002
The rationale for the use of clinical pathways in the planning and mapping out of the process of care across multi-professional settings is now well established. Indeed it has featured consistently in a raft of health care reforms since 1997. In How to Successfully Implement Clinical Pathways, fo... Read more »
Increasing Value: Commissioning on the front line
June 2012
At a time of organisational turmoil it is sometimes easy to forget our patients. It is also too simple to create a divide between those clinicians delivering a service at the front-line, those responsible for planning or commissioning and those whose main role is to manage the services. The reality ... Read more »
Judging Excellence: Users and Carers Making Decisions
August 2004
The book is divided into 3 sections as follows: Section 1. outlines the rationale behind handing over the responsibility of judging excellence to patients as a basis for spreading and sharing good practice Section 2. details eleven case studies which demonstrate the extent to which service pro... Read more »
By Kwai Yu
July 2011
Knowing, Doing, Winning is a remarkable book. At one level it is the amazing story of the founding and extraordinary growth of Leaders Cafe 2020; a social enterprise with the aim of engaging and developing 20 million individuals by 2020. At the other level, it is a handbook on self development which... Read more »
Leading Innovation & Change in the NHS
Edited by George Boak & Helen Jones
February 2002
In this topical and insightful book of readings, George Boak and Helen Jones have created an excellent platform for enabling senior health care managers and clinicians to reflect upon and share insights and findings derived from their research and practical experiences in embracing innovation and ch... Read more »
Lean Healthcare: Improving the Patient Experience
July 2008
This is a unique book written by a unique individual. Often in healthcare, we strive to achieve standards and benchmarks. These are based on average or good performance. It means we aspire to a level of care that is often poor quality, delayed and unsafe for many patients. This book tells the inspir... Read more »