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Measuring Quality Performance in Healthcare; the effect of Joint Commissioning International Standards on Quality Performance
July 2007
Quality improvement in healthcare continues to attract considerable attention. This is related to the escalating costs of service provision as well as to growing concerns about patient safety. As a consequence considerable efforts as well as costs are being devoted to develop and implement quality i... Read more »
Mind over Tobacco - Using Psychological Insights to Quit Smoking
September 2000
Psychology continues to increase our knowledge and understanding of human endeavours in a variety of areas from education, health, counselling and sports to the work place, shopping, televison and the media. We have much to make use of in understanding life style behaviours and ways in which we can ... Read more »
Patient's Cultural and Religious Issues: A Guide for Primary Care
November 2003
The guidebook provides useful overviews on: patients rights and expectations; culture and health care issues; Inequalities in health; religious and cultural issues that can influence care; religious beliefs; faiths of ethnic minorities including: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism,... Read more »
June 2013
Stories and folklore have always been part and parcel of the fabric of organisational life. They convey imagined, factual and reflective accounts and offer powerful narratives for connecting and engaging us in exploring and co-creating shared realities. Not surprisingly there is increasing use of... Read more »
Practice Nurse Development: A Resource Pack
January 2004
The pack consists of five sections as follows: The national context of practice nurse development National, local standards Developing clinical roles Portfolio and PDP Culture of learning ... Read more »
Promoting Advanced Access in Primary Care
May 2002
The book is derived from actual implementation of Advanced Access in primary care.It demonstrates how simple but effective strategies involving all staff in general practices can make a difference at enabling and promoting Advanced Access. Contents include: the values and beliefs that justi... Read more »
Simplicity is the Key: A Book that you Can Put Down
March 2005
The book comprise 9 chapters as follows: The power of story telling Leadership and management;chalk and cheese Passion with a side salad of process Professional speak Ten great myths of patient and public involvement Seeking stability in an unstable world No boundaries And you ca... Read more »
The Nine Rules: The Seduction of Rest and How to Avoid it
September 2006
With his book “The Nine Rules?” Andy Ferguson has provided us an invaluable reminder. Namely, that there is a little ‘ invisible ink on our birth certificates’ that reads: Born with the freedom to choose. Responsibility for the consequences of those choices.” His “9 rules” promise us two things: (1)... Read more »
June 2013
Three Wins: service redesign through flow modelling is based on the story of how a small team of health care professionals re-invented the way they worked in order to deliver: better and higher quality of service for their patients; better working environment through increased motivation and... Read more »
Tools for Change: An Invitation to Dance
November 2006
Tools for Change: an invitation to dance provides essential background knowledge and understanding as well as tools and techniques for sustaining organisational change in complex systems. It is based on the premise that the ideas embedded in the theories of living systems provide us with explanation... Read more »
July 2009
“We seem to have a propensity in business to either make our models far too complex, or think that each one, on its own, can solve all of an organizations’ problems. When Sam met Angie does a stellar job of simplifying the concepts around performance measurement and management and applying them to o... Read more »
Work Based Learning in Health Care: applications and innovations
February 2005
Service improvement in health care continues to be a dominant theme despite the considerable change and transformation that has taken place in the NHS. Continuing pressure from service funders and users alike for greater choice, responsiveness and higher standards of care poses real challenge and op... Read more »