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From Hippos to Gazelles: How Leaders create leaders
September 2008
In From Hippos to Gazelles, Goodwin and Page give us new insights into the magic of organisational transformation. The book is based on an a story about a leader and facilitator working together to lead a successful merger and change in the complex reality of a multinational organisation. Through th... Read more »
Great Britons on Success
June 2009
Inspired by the Organisation that he recently joined as a non executive director, Alan Coppin has edited a timely and insightful anthology entitled Great Britons On Success. The book is dedicated to the excellence and commitment of the 40000 men and women who serve in the Royal Air Force and 30 % of... Read more »
By Kwai Yu
July 2011
Knowing, Doing, Winning is a remarkable book. At one level it is the amazing story of the founding and extraordinary growth of Leaders Cafe 2020; a social enterprise with the aim of engaging and developing 20 million individuals by 2020. At the other level, it is a handbook on self development which... Read more »
Resourcing the Voluntary Sector
Edited by David Walden
April 1999
The relationship between the statutory and voluntary agencies has changed dramatically in the latter years of the 20th century. These changes have perhaps been most apparent in the fields of Health and Social Welfare with the advent of community care policies, the Contract Culture and a desire to ac... Read more »
July 2009
“We seem to have a propensity in business to either make our models far too complex, or think that each one, on its own, can solve all of an organizations’ problems. When Sam met Angie does a stellar job of simplifying the concepts around performance measurement and management and applying them to o... Read more »
June 2013
Have you ever wondered why some companies expand, while others that appear to be in a similar situation plateau and contract? Why do some people achieve while others fail? Are there certain business and management practices that lead on the one hand to growth and development, and on the other hand t... Read more »