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Coolie Odyssey
June 2013
Coolie Odyssey, probes the experience of diaspora, the journeying of peasant labourers from India to the Caribbean then to Britain, dwelling on the dream of romance, the impotence of racial encounter ... Read more »
Fiction and Film: The Influence of Cinema on Writers from Jamaica to Trinidad
July 2003
The Book deals with the considerable interplay between film and fiction through close textual analysis and discusses the interactions betwwen the cinematic experience and the fictional output of writers from Jamaica and Trinidad. Contents: Introduction The devlopment of cinema in Trinidad... Read more »
In Retrospect
June 2013
Provoked by the untimely and mysterious death of her two sisters, Elly Niland has composed an anguished and yet vital meditation on the torture of loss. It discovers seeds of hope in the changing of the seasons and in the slow renewal of the landscape. ... Read more »
Reading Mr Chin: Images of the Chinese in the West Indies
March 2006
West Indian nations are sites of extensive and multiple migrations that have created societies with high multiethnic concentrations. Additionally, these nations came into existance during the latter part of the twentieth cenury - a period in which nation had become accepted as the only viable means ... Read more »
The Lure of the Mermaid and Other Childrens Stories
Edited by Janet Jagan
March 2002
In this timely anthology, Janet Jagan has brought together the work of distinguished writers that encapsulates the beauty and freshness of the landscape and marvellous qualities of the Guyanese people. Humorous rivalries between animals are offset against darker deeds of the ancient mythological cre... Read more »
The Scattered Jewels
Edited by Evadne DOliveira
December 2003
The power of storytelling and its appeal to all, young and old alike, remains as strong now as it has ever been. Its' enduring nature has been part of the rich fabric of the lives of our ancestors and through them, our own. Indeed, we seem to have a deeper craving for the varied forms of storytellin... Read more »