Dr. Jonathan Stead

About Dr. Jonathan Stead

Worked as a General Practitioner in a small dispensing practice, norht of Exeter, since 1980. He has been Chairman of the Primary Care Audit Group in North and East Devon since its inception. He is also a Research Fellow at the Research and Development Support Unit at the University of Exeter. His particular interests are in quality improvement, learning from experience (Significant Event Audit) and the organisational aspects of care for people with diabetes and asthma.

He has worked with Dr. Grace Sweeney and Dr. Richard Wescott for three years, researching the benefits of SEA. He has been involved at both regional and national level with education and facilitation to introduce and sustain SEA in variety of settings, ranging from primary and secondary health care to social care and prison health care.

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Significant Event Audit: A Focus on Clinical Governance
August 2001
In this timely and insightful book Dr Johnathan Stead and Dr Grace Sweeney provide the background, e..