Patterns and Relationships

Patterns and Relationships
Author: Marion H. Bird
ISBN: 0-9527912-0-X
Date Published: January 1999
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The national Curriculum for mathematics (1995) allocates great emphasis on number work for children. The basic skills and knowledge for such work should be learnt and taught in a meaningful manner in order to establish a useful foundation for further learning and development of mathematical ability.

Marion Bird's second book on this subject provides a rich and comprehensive account on theoretical issues and practical approaches. It outlines a series of suggestions for activities that the teacher could use in order to stimulate mathematical thinking to address the National Curriculum requirements for early number work. The activities will:

  • enable the child to make and monitor mathematical decisions
  • develop mathematical language and communication
  • develop mathematical reasoning
  • concentrate on the structure of numbers
  • prepare the child for later work on algebra,  space and measures of handling data