Resourcing the Voluntary Sector

Resourcing the Voluntary Sector
Edited by: David Walden
ISBN: 1-902115-06-6
Date Published: April 1999
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The relationship between the statutory and voluntary agencies has changed dramatically in the latter years of the 20th century. These changes have perhaps been most apparent in the fields of Health and Social Welfare with the advent of community care policies, the Contract Culture and a desire to achieve Best Value for service users and those who purchase services.

Voluntary organisations together with the private sector are now keen to work in partnership with Local Authorities and Health providers. But does this new partnership approach compromise those working in the voluntary field? How might the core aims of a voluntary agency be funded if monies are only available to provide contracted services? What future does the voluntary sector have as we enter the new millenium?

This book is based on papers presented at a Debate of the Age Conference. The papers address a range of issues on funding, partnership systems and processes. It provides a discourse from a wide range of perspectives, is thought provoking and challenging.