From Hippos to Gazelles: How Leaders create leaders

From Hippos to Gazelles: How Leaders create leaders
Author: Philip Goodwin & Tony Page
ISBN: 978-1-904235-
Date Published: September 2008
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In From Hippos to Gazelles, Goodwin and Page give us new insights into the magic of organisational transformation. The book is based on an a story about a leader and facilitator working together to lead a successful merger and change in the complex reality of a multinational organisation. Through the use of fable, real life examples and a set of practical tools, the book offers leaders an inspirational account on the managing of change of value to their day to day work.

How does a leader find the spark that ignites a team when it simply does not want to change?

How do you manage internal change, transforming business results and at the same time satisfy your customers and sustain the improvements over time?

How does one do all this when your team is spread across different locations, even different countries?

The handbook draws on research by some of the great organisational and leadership thinkers and is informed by the cultural relations ethos of the British Council. It describes how in the real world, leaders can create leaders who will deliver business success.