Clinical Leadership Development

Clinical Leadership Development
Edited by: John Edmonstone
ISBN: 1-904235-29-8
Date Published: December 2005
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The book consists of 19 chapters on:

  • What is clinical leadership: John Edmonstone
  • Medical Leadership: Calum Paton et al
  • Doctors in difficulty: Sheila Peskett & Jennifer King
  • Clinical nursing leadership: Mike Cook
  • Leadership development: Amanda Thomas
  • GP development: Julia Pakora et al
  • The RCN clinical leadership programme: Geraldine Cunningham & Hazel Mackenzie
  • Leadership and empowerment: Sue Smith & Fran Woodward
  • Action Learning: Linda Duck
  • Strategic approaches: Maggie Griffiths et al
  • Leadesrhip development for AHPs & Clinical Scientists: John Edmonstone
  • Succession Planning: Helen Green & Lesley Downes
  • Coaching for Clinical Leaders: Sue Inglis & Jay Bevington
  • Leading a vision of change: Ann Foreman et al
  • Leadership Development: Jan Freer
  • A story of whole systems leadership: Denise Houghton
  • Using rich pictures to promote leadership: Christina Edwards
  • The problems with dissecting a frog: Andrew Scowcroft