Lean Healthcare: Improving the Patient Experience

Lean Healthcare: Improving the Patient Experience
Author: David Fillingham
ISBN: 978-1-904235-
Date Published: July 2008
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This is a unique book written by a unique individual. Often in healthcare, we strive to achieve standards and benchmarks. These are based on average or good performance. It means we aspire to a level of care that is often poor quality, delayed and unsafe for many patients. This book tells the inspirational story of a leadership team that adopted transformational goals and set about making them a reality for every patient. This book should be mandated reading for every healthcare leader.
Helen Bevan: NHS Institute for Innovation

The 12 chapters deals with:

  • What is Lean?
  • We are not Japanese and we do not make cars.
  • What would lean healthcare look like?
  • The Bolton Improving Care System
  • Understanding value
  • Learning to see
  • Redesigning care
  • Delivering benefit
  • Making Lean healthcare a daily reality
  • Supporting a lean healthcare transformation
  • Reflections on learning about Lean

This excellent and highly readable account shows that Lean is much more than the latest fad and can , if taken seriously with a long term perspective transform organisations and the experience of their patients.
Nigel Edwards: NHS Confederation