Author: Kwai Yu
ISBN: 978-1-904235-
Date Published: July 2011
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Price: £9.95

Knowing, Doing, Winning is a remarkable book. At one level it is the amazing story of the founding and extraordinary growth of Leaders Cafe 2020; a social enterprise with the aim of engaging and developing 20 million individuals by 2020. At the other level, it is a handbook on self development which as Ian Berry noted in his foreword “ will inspire you to find the space, to explore the infinite possibilities for your life, and help you to find your path to being the difference we all need to be in the lives of our families, friends, colleagues, and all the citizens of the world.”

Knowing•Doing•Winning is “a grand tapestry of story telling, business insights and sage wisdom that captures the heart and mind - a truly brilliant design for success on your journey - personal and professional. From an author who dares to be vulnerable and courageous all at once.”
Cherie Anne Faiella: Global Growth Strategist, Big Four Accounting Firm.

“Kwai Yu’s new book is the passionate story of an equally passionate social entrepreneur. Easy to read, humble yet over-flowing with practical wisdom, each point illustrated by invaluable lessons on how to lead. Knowing, Doing, Winning is essential reading for anyone intent on leading others in the new paradigm hurtling towards us from the future.”
Professor Dr Richard David Hames: Founding Director, Asian Foresight Institute and author of, The Five Literacies of Global Leadership