Appreciative Work in Schools

Appreciative Work in Schools
Author: Elspeth McAdam & Peter Lang
ISBN: 978-1-904235-
Date Published: September 2009
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In their prologue to Appreciative Work in Schools, Elspeth McAdam and Peter Lang remarked that “ the school is at the heart of the future of the community. It is in the school where children grow in knowledge, morality and in their abilities to relate to others. The concepts of community and the ability to live to the full are fostered and cultivated through the experience of being at school.”

Few would contest such an assertion and fewer still would contest the pivotal role that teachers, parents, pupils and others in the community fulfil at “ creating joy and curiosity in curricular learning as well as learning how to live life with others appreciatively.”

In this timely handbook , Elspeth and Peter demonstrates the role that Appreciative Inquiry [AI] as developed by David Cooperrider and others can play at enabling a culture in which teachers, their pupils and others can harness their collective efforts , energy and enthusiasm to impact on learning. The focus is placed on illuminating on the practices of AI as a way of living, behaving , relating and being that values strength based and positive approach to learning. It stresses the importance of valuing and appreciating and of their impact at opening spaces for individual abilities and skills to be seen and valued.

The ten chapters provide engaging accounts including:

  • The influences that have created the authors’ values on using Appreciative Inquiry in Schools
  • On dreaming schools and fulfilling dreams in complex situations
  • Strengthening and growing connections between the home and schools
  • The use of a liberating story telling event
  • The power of communities and networks.

The book is for teachers, senior teachers and head teachers, for parents, governors and other community leaders who want to invest in the future of pupils.