BRILLIANT: The Heathside story: Appreciative Inquiry in whole school transformation.

BRILLIANT: The Heathside story: Appreciative Inquiry in whole school transformation.
Author: Glyn Willoughby & Neil Samuels
ISBN: 978-1-904235-
Date Published: April 2009
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“What a spectacular achievement! This book gives the who, what, why, when, where, and how of using Appreciative Inquiry in Schools. ‘Brilliant’ well deserves the title. It is a practical guide for bringing strength focused approaches to schools and communities.”
Marjorie Schiller, PhD: Board Chair - Positive Change Core, Founding President PCC

“It is tremendously exciting to see Glyn Willoughby and Neil Samuels living account of this whole school change process. The collection of stories allows multiple voices to be heard, and makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of appreciative inquiry in action.”
Dr Paul Tosey: School of Management, University of Surrey

“Nothing is as compelling as a good story and Glyn Willoughby and Neil Samuels have an excellent story to tell. It is rare that theory and practice are combined into such good effect as in this account of a journey through school improvement to becoming an innovative and highly regarded centre of learning. This is an authentic story with the voices of the participants providing important insights as to how a systematic and integrated approach can enrich leadership, learning and achievement.”
John West-Burnham: Professor of Educational Leadership, St Mary University College, London.

"This book is a wonderful testament to positive, relational working – Glyn and Neil brought their best skills to helping students, teachers, staff and governors in Heathside develop an image of the their future and then live it. Everyone at Heathside got involved, experienced a new way of working with each other, and achieved more than they thought they could. Even the School Inspectorate was impressed!"
Anne Radford: organisational consultant and editor, AI Practitioner

“I couldn’t put this book down! Risk, passion, human tragedy, ingenuity, leadership, measurable outcomes and plain old “seizing the moment” – are just some of what Glyn and Neil share. It is a “must read” for anyone who wonders whether Appreciative Inquiry can achieve real results in environments characterized by minimal resources, almost no time, and a constant flow of unexpected challenges. The level of detail and practical innovation makes this book of great value for novice and experienced practitioners and teachers alike.”
Bernard J Mohr: Co-Founder, Innovation Partners International