Making it Spark

Making it Spark
Author: Craig Knight , Kate Start & Glyn Willoughby
ISBN: 978-1-904235-
Date Published: April 2013
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‘A refreshing account of the positive contribution young people can make in their communities. Full of engaging interviews and practical ideas for professionals.’
Chief Superintendent Gavin Stephens

‘Conversations Matter! And nowhere more-so than with young people. Whether you are a police officer or manage a large corporation, a teacher or school administrator, a store-owner, or like all of us, a community member, this book is for you-that is if you want to make a difference. It provides a framework for engaging today’s youth through trust, partnership, and creativity. Through its diverse stories “Making it Spark” shows us how we can engage across generations and change our communities for the better.’
Neil Samuels - President, Profound Conversations, Inc. (an international strengths-based consultancy based in Chicago)

‘Making It Spark gives you an insight as to how schools and young people can work together with the police to successfully achieve positive outcomes. In an age when the media, in general, portray young people negatively, this book shows that it is not always the case and that there are many adults and children who want to contribute positively to society and make a difference.’
Stuart Shephard - The Headteacher of Bishop David Brown School

‘Readers will be inspired by the stories of the positive and proactive work taking place in the local community with children and young people. This book shows just how many groups are providing respectful opportunities for our young ones to take part in helping make our small part of the world a better place to live in, now and when they are adults. Maybe you will want to be more involved in local community projects after reading this book.’
Sharron Marland - The Headteacher of Goose Green Primary and Nursery School

"Making it Spark” is a wonderful antidote to the negative stories with which we are constantly bombarded about our youth today. The book is full of inspirational, heart-warming tales of those who wanted to make a difference to their communities and did so in the most positive ways imaginable. It will be very clear to the reader just how much the young people and adults gained from being involved and how their efforts had benefited the wider community.’
Chris Edwards - Assistant Headteacher at Bishop David Brown School