Total Quality Management: Myth or Miracle

Total Quality Management: Myth or Miracle
Edited by: Prof. Gopal K Kanji
ISBN: 0-952791-27-7
Date Published: April 2001
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Total Quality Management has commanded considerable empirical attention over recent decades. It has also attracted substantial practical interest and applications in corporate enterprises world wide.

The application of TQM practices has dominated managerial practice across business sectors in Japan, Europe and across the Atlantic. Multi-nationals, large as well as small companies have all been influenced by the thinking and processes underpinning TQM. It is regarded by many as the single most important framework for propelling and achieving business success through continuous improvement.

TQM is now a way of life for many in the corporate world. But applications and implementation practices vary considerably. Not surprisingly, so does outcomes and benefits derived. A critical appraisal of the journey that TQM has traversed is therefore more than timely.

In this insightful book, Professor Gopal Kanji has brought together some of the key papers published over recent years in the international journal of Total Quality Management. The collection focuses on papers dealing with the three "Rs" ie. Revolution, Role and Responsibility, pertaining to the TQM experience.

The Papers address:

  • The TQM journeys adopted by Japan, the US and UK
  • The revolution that has taken place regarding the principles, concepts, innovation, statistical understanding and learning processes of TQM
  • Roles in organisational development of TQM including quality strategy, quality motivation, empowerment, team building and leadership
  • Responsibilities for implementing TQM in terms of developing a quality culture, promoting learning of quality and customer satisfaction enhancement