Teaching Problem Solving

Teaching Problem Solving
Edited by: Prof. Derek Holton , Anthony Neyland , Jim Neyland & Bronwen Thomas
ISBN: 0-9527912-0-X
Date Published: October 1999
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Problem solving within the mathematics curriculum continues to attract a great deal of attention. It is recognised as a transferable skill that has important life-long consequences. The teaching of problem solving has equally attracted more emphasis within the mathematics curriculum at junior and secondary level as well as a within undergraduate studies. Prof. Derek Holton an his colleagues have made a substantial contribution to the effort in this insightful book which has been derived from years of research and classroom experiences with students and teachers alike.

The book provides:

  • A detailed step-by-step approach to the teaching of problem solving
  • 10 chapters detailing a series of innovative strategices and class room activity
  • 3 chapters providing useful overviews, "how to start" instructions and sample lessons