The Nine Rules: The Seduction of Rest and How to Avoid it

The Nine Rules: The Seduction of Rest and How to Avoid it
Author: Andy Ferguson
ISBN: 1-904235-53-0
Date Published: September 2006
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With his book “The Nine Rules?” Andy Ferguson has provided us an invaluable reminder. Namely, that there is a little ‘ invisible ink on our birth certificates’ that reads: Born with the freedom to choose. Responsibility for the consequences of those choices.” His “9 rules” promise us two things: (1) to be “simple but not at all easy;” and (2) to help all of us make the choices every day, every waking moment, that will create a journey of a lifetime. Enjoy the journey.
Irv Rubin: Ph.D; Author of Having It Both Ways: The ABCs of Win-Win Relationships

"… what a wonderful story you have to tell Andy. You are a natural born story teller. Your many incredible experiences are inspirational, entertaining, funny, but at the same time your straight talking made the audience think deeply. You have left a positive and lasting impression on everyone. "
Robert Harvey: Founder - Positive News Scotland

" Andy allows everyone to see who they really are, and what they can do if only they allow themselves. ."
Dave Jackson: Saphire Systems

"Not only does Andy work hard at what he does, he makes you work hard at evaluating your professional and personal performance. Andy, you rock!"
Sarah Durbin: 5ft Design

"Andy … demonstrates that in the face of adversity we all have choices, though some may be difficult. No matter our background, upbringing, conditioning nor the labels that may be attached to us: it’s what we believe possible that really matters."
Pat Elliot: Chief Executive, Thetes Group

The Nine Rules is a book that provides us with a framework for making sense of our experiences and a tool for living a successful life. Read it, use it and experience the difference.