The Scattered Jewels

The Scattered Jewels
Edited by: Evadne DOliveira
ISBN: 1-902115-42-2
Date Published: December 2003
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The power of storytelling and its appeal to all, young and old alike, remains as strong now as it has ever been. Its' enduring nature has been part of the rich fabric of the lives of our ancestors and through them, our own. Indeed, we seem to have a deeper craving for the varied forms of storytelling, despite the rapid strides of science and technology which have impacted our everyday lives.

In this fascinating collection of children's stories, Evadne has captured a number of enduring tales and legends of Guyana and other Guianas. It is a collection in which she has blended with an element of her personality and character with legends and tales of ancient and primal people, enriched by her vibrant and creative imagination.