The Lure of the Mermaid and Other Childrens Stories

The Lure of the Mermaid and Other Childrens Stories
Edited by: Janet Jagan
ISBN: 1-902115-30-9
Date Published: March 2002
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In this timely anthology, Janet Jagan has brought together the work of distinguished writers that encapsulates the beauty and freshness of the landscape and marvellous qualities of the Guyanese people. Humorous rivalries between animals are offset against darker deeds of the ancient mythological creatures of Guyana - ole higue, baku and figures from the spirit world.

The collection is distinguished by its many stories of Amerindian life and legend. It will give children a picture of native ways of living, threatened by the 'new civilisation', and the wonderful diversity of cultures bequeathed to them by their forbears and the need to value and preserve the unique rainforest which is their most precious inheritance.