Cultivating Compassion print version

Cultivating Compassion print version
Edited by: Pip Hardy & Tony Sumner
ISBN: 978-1-904235-
Date Published: November 2014
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This is a book of stories about stories. Each chapter is written by someone who has personal experience of using digital stories to stimulate learning or improve healthcare. They describe how the stories have been used to help trainees understand and come to terms with the challenges of their new roles; how they have helped newly-qualified clinicians cope with emotional traumas encountered during their work; and how hospital boards have used the stories to recapture their focus on the needs of service users. Here we can learn what it’s like to feature in a digital story, and how to make them. Like all the best storytellers, the stories about stories are narrated in a direct and compelling manner, with detailed accounts of listeners’ reactions and the circumstances in which they viewed them.